SheDance Immersion

Sacred dance & inner woman wellspring yoga (50 hrs) date to be announced soon

Retreat into dance, yoga and sacredness to cultivate your inner woman wellness.

Experience this mystical dance and immerse in the space of feminine energy in a supportive and heart-centred connection. In this 3 days immersion and retreat we will enter into a space of sacredness to explore our feminine essence, deep letting go and relaxation.

What will be included

  • four days and three nights retreat away in a beautiful eco resort surrounded by nature
  • daily program of inner woman wellspring yoga and meditation
  • a session of body spa treatment, cranial sacral or foot massage
  • daily sisters circle and mystical dance ritual
  • a workshop of SheDance – shakti mystical dance practice
  • a healing light ceremony with intention, singing and affirmation


You will gain more understanding of how SheDance flow can help you move closer to your own creative feminine body. We will dance, meditate and share our truths and visions. We will connect with each other through conscious communication, support, witnessing, play and deep listening to our own body and spirit. All women welcome.

Make time to fully embrace your own inner women and her feminine essence.

SheDance sisters circle is a supportive non-judgmental space. We meet and sit together as sisters to remember and celebrate the blossoming of the divine feminine and to nurture our true self in the fullness of heart, meditation and dance.

In the fullness of heart we bring more awareness to our purpose, authenticity, playfulness and allow ourselves to express and flow with intuition and balance. In meditation we re-align our inner / outer realms toward greater love, peace and compassion. In sacred dance we embrace our creative feminine energy, sensuality, gratitude, healing, and transformation.