SheDance-Shakti Testimonial from Laurina

Laurina Kersten – Australia

“She Dance is a profound practice. For me, after dancing it I knew that I wanted to train and share it with others. Little did I know that it wasn’t only sharing it with others that would bring me great learning, delight and opening, but the journey of learning this practice and using it in my own healing journey has been an endless unfolding of inner wisdom. Areeradh has a clarity and depth of understanding that catapulted my own individual perception of feminine insight and knowing of myself.”



SheDance-Shakti Testimonial from Valerie

Valerie – Travelling Artist

“She dance is a beautiful practice of connecting with the mystical part of life and all the different facets of being a woman. Coming together with other women and supporting each other in a sacred space, feels like coming home to yourself and experiencing your body as a temple. Through dance and devotion we awaken the inner goddess and see different expressions of her in each other. We tap into her ancient wisdom to be moved by her and ultimately to guide us and feel her presen(t)ce in our daily lives. 💗🙏🏼💕💫”



SheDance-Shakti testimonial from Patricia

Patricia – France

“Such a beautiful offering to the community. Thank you dear Areeradh K Tri-siddha for sharing your wisdom and keeping on being such an inspiration to me, and all of us. How I wish I was in Chiang Mai to be part of this very unique event.. All my love



SheDance-shakti Testimonial from Peryal

Peryal – UK

“What a beautiful practice to awaken the goddess within us all and reconnect with our feminine essence by sharing, witnessing, holding the space for each other within a safe environment where there are no judgements, where we can dive deeper into our vulnerabilty and we are fully supported by our fellow sisters. We lost touch long ago the power of our womenhood. SHEdance is a call to all women to rediscover their authentic self by invoking the divine feminine within. I’m so happy that this training is being offered to a wider community now. Thank you Areeradh K Tri-siddha for sharing and offering this training.”