Teacher Training (cont.)

SheDance-shakti Teacher Training Module 2 Embodiment ~ The Path of Sacred Femininity

Cultivate your inner beauty, compassion and divine essence through sharing, teaching, movement meditation and mindful living. An intensive program opens to all women

Immerse further into the field of women wisdom and deepen your connection to divine femininity

In this module 2 training you will gain the opportunity to:

  • Continue to develop your connection to your woman’s body and her natural movement
  • Cultivate your own inner essence and expression and be ready to teach and support others to recognise their own unique beauty
  • Embrace your sensuality, inner strength and creativity
  • Develop tools to help you maintain your inner vitality and fullness of heart
  • Explore ways to meet your life purposes and value
  • Discover and continue developing your own natural voice with authenticity and wisdom
  • Give and receive healing support in a safe containment of SheDance sisters circle
  • Gain awareness and express appreciation for balanced divine feminine and masculine principles
  • Create space for sacredness and deep connection in your life
  • Learn to create a SheDance-shakti day and weekend retreats and be part of a teaching team
Practice teaching a women circle and co-create a healing space for others

This module offers an opportunity for you to co-create a healing space of women wisdom circle. You will be encouraged to connect to your own inner teacher through an practical study of earth wisdom philosophy, the application of SheDance 4 stages sacred movement,  and through learning how to conduct the SheDance divine healing ceremony. Documentation and music will be included.

Be part of world-wide circles of sisterhood

We will meet in SheDance – shakti circle to nurture and celebrate our essence in the fullness of heart, meditation and dance. In the fullness of heart we bring more awareness to our purpose, authenticity, playfulness and allow ourselves to express and flow with intuition and balance. In meditation we re-align our inner / outer realms toward greater love, peace and compassion. In sacred dance we embrace our creative feminine energy, sensuality, gratitude, healing, and transformation.

Who is the program for

All woman welcome. Some experience of yoga, personal inner work or healing movement or any conscious dance practices is recommended but not required. This is a journey toward divine feminine awakening guided by the SheDance process. You will be immersing in a group environment, exploring this sacred dance for yourself – learning with others through movement, meditation and authentic sharing.

Contact hours

100 hours with the lead trainer Areeradh K Tri-siddha. This is an intensive training and immersion. The Training will be held at one of the Yoga Tree studios in Chiang Mai city. This is a non-residential program. For recommendation of places to stay please write to us: info@theyogatree.org

Cost (tuition fee)

THB22,000 early bird | THB25,500 full fee *

*Flights are not included

More details on early bird date and further question please email:


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