Sisters Circle

Connect to the softness and the strength of our own feminine essence and to other women in a supportive non-judgmental space. We meet and sit together as sisters to celebrate the blossoming of the divine feminine and to nurture our true self in the fullness of heart, meditation and dance.

In the fullness of heart we bring more awareness to our purpose, authenticity, playfulness and allow ourselves to express and flow with intuition and balance. In meditation we re-align our inner / outer realms toward greater love, peace and compassion. In sacred dance we embrace our creative feminine energy, sensuality, gratitude, healing, and transformation.

SheDance Women Circle is for all women

Gift yourself an experience of deep connection and healing. All women welcome – in attending the circle please bring some flowers or candles or a crystal or an item of high vibration to bless the space we share. SheDance is a space for us to honour our feminine self so please be invited to dress in beautiful flowing, comfortable clothing that you can move and dance in.

Are you ready to hold a powerful heart-warming women circle? Join our next SheDance Teacher Training in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand See ‘Training‘ page for more details.